A Colombian breakfast delivery business whose goal is to create a positive image of Colombia as well as provide a delicious service.

What is Tinto?

The Colombian workforce wakes up with Tintó, a strong coffee sold by “Tinteros” who walk the streets early in the morning selling this coffee. As well as delicious coffee, they may sell small breads and other breakfast items.

The workforce wakes up with Tintó.

The Challenge

During the past years the American outlook on Colombia has been negative. When one of the wealthies countries in the world views you unfavorable, you suffer. Tintó focuses on sharing the good things Colombia has to offer.


We need these to bring a country out of poverty.

Yet everyone only thinks about the drugs.

The Solution

Tintó allows you to travel across the world to a country full of magical realism with the sip of warm coffee and an authentic Colombian breakfast food.

How it Works

Tintó offers a range of genuine Colombian coffees and breakfast foods which customers can choose from. You can try before you buy at your local farmer’s market.


You can find Tintó at local farmers markets or events around town where you can try coffee and food.


Explore the menu online where you can choose and cutomize your services.


Wake up to a tasty breakfast delivered early to your door.

Reusable Artisan Ceramics

Tintó and breakfast is served in durable handmade Colombian ceramic crafted in the village of La Chamba.

The ceramic is kept warm in its burlap sack lined with thermal fabric, guaranteed warm to start your morning right.

Responsible Coffee

Tintó is made from the iconic and reputable coffee brand, Juan Valdez. Their coffee is only grown and harvested in Colombia and the company is entirely run and controlled by Colombia’s coffee farmers .

Coffee Cart

You can find Tintó at farmers markets on the weekend, during sport games and other large community events. You can also find us at select universities and business buildings where students and employees can sign up for the service to be delivered to their work place ready for their morning!