Interactive exercise tools that help children with arthritis
get stronger while having fun.

About Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful autoimmune disease that attacks the joints of the body. It can affect any joint, but is most common in the joints of the knees, arms and hands.

Arthritis has no cure

Although there has been much research, no cure has been found. Arthritis is a life long disease that can only be treated.

The Challenge
Swelling and Pain

During flares and mornings, joints may swell up to three times their regular size, making movement painful

Stiffness of the joints

Due to the lack of movement fluid in the joints becomes rigid making it even more arduous to move.

Joint Exercise

Exercise is essential to the health of joints. Daily exercise with medicine has been linked to inducing and sustaining remission. Yet, due to the pain, exercise is rarely done.

If you don’t move, it will hurt more.
But if you move, it hurts.

How can we break this cycle of pain?

Exercise is essential to the health of joints, it is also the best remedy for pain. Daily exercise with medicine has been linked to inducing and sustaining remission.

The Solution

Monstas encourage children to exercise with soft and friendly tools, as well as a game that guides them through fun exercise activities both with the tools and without.

How it works

iPads and certain other tablet devices are able to detect movement through electricity from the human body. Monstas works through simple electrical conductivity through materials.

The toys are made so that when the tool is squeezed the conductive silicone on the inside touches with that of the outside, the circuit completes and the iPad detects the exercise has been completed.

When the tool is not squeezed, the child is not moving or actively exercising, the circuit will not complete and nothing will happen in the game. You must move to play.

Targets three main joints of the hand:

See more process here!

Pediatric Rheumatologist at CHLA

“These could also be helpful for children with other diseases not just arthritis. I like the idea of being able to work a specific joint, it is important as it presents worse in different children.”

Dr.Cox & Dr.Blitz

“It is always difficult to get children to exercise at home. We try to make it as fun as we can, but there’s only so much fun you can have playing with clips or beans. We could use these in our therapy sessions and out patient clinics.”

Nicole & Shelby
Diagnosed at age 10 months old

“It shouldn’t hurt to be a kid. If there is something that will help her get better and she has enjoys it I would get it. She already loves to play iPad games and we encourage her to do so because of her fingers.”


“We love game therapy. I like that these are doign various exercises which we already do. Toys that make them feel comfortable with moving would be help them keep faining and not losing range of motion.”

PT at Adult Clinic

“These tools are exercising some of the pain affected joints and are mimicking some of the exercises and current tools we use in the field. The elderly would benefit from tools like this too.”