INSEAD is a world recognized business school. I was fortunate enough to participate in a study abroad at the Singapore campus for 4 months. These are some of my favorite things from my time there.

Intellectually Lovely

Intellectually Lovely is a zine I created for a class called Management and Decision Making taught by professor Neil Bearden. The class aims to make you more self aware of your decision making process and how your biases work. The zine takes major teachings from the class and visualizes them to remind you of what you learned. This zine introduced me to Risograph printing.

Be aware of your spotlight, your unknown knowns and your biases. Remember the principle of charity and have more mindquakes!


A heavily condensed start to finish VC pitch contest workshop. From business model to cash flow and 10 year foreplan in two days.

Monstas made it to the final round thank to the awesome group of MBA’s that believe in it’s potential. Thank you!

Team Monstas consisted of Mudit Gupta, Benjamin Solins, Vesi Kertikova, Till Kratochwill and me. I was touched and energized to see Monstas come to life in a business world and make it to the finals.


SPDS or Strategy for Product and Service Development consisted of large teams of MBA students each with a designer in order to learn the design process.

We created the most Singaporean game ever.

It was also slightly inappropriate.

We imagined a radical new ice cream scoop.

We made the tallest marshmallow on a stick tower that didn't fall down.

We researched, analyzed, ideated and prototyped a new way to have a traditional Singaporean barbeque in two class periods.

We went to the Tecca Market and researched how people carry their food. Our team was called The Agressive Pineapples, the name is misleading, we were all nice people.

We created a lot of prototypes of our shopping cart for Tecca Market, this was the nicest one.

We also created a new location and social activated Star Wars game.

Go to working prototype link here!